Chris Dicker

Head of Development

Prior to his appointment as Head of Development for JAM Media, Chris had worked with many internationally acclaimed companies such as Walt Disney, Warner Bros, and Universal Studios. He was also employed with Midway Games on several major award-winning titles for TT Games. Titles include Crash Bandicoot, Haven, Finding Nemo, Justice League, Lego Star Wars and Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe.

From 2006 until early 2012, Chris was the Creative Director of TT Animation, Warner Bros. In this role he created and developed TV shows, including the multi-award winning, What’s Your NEWS? and Buddy Patrol, and was a story consultant on the Lego Batman movie.

Chris is currently leading a large development slate of exciting new multi-platform properties at JAM Media. The first of these development shows, Little Roy, was picked up by CBBC/Cbeebies and production will be completed in summer 2017. The latest development, Becca’s Bunch, for Nickelodeon USA, is currently in production. Other shows in development include Jessy and Nessy, Bucko Tricks, and many more at various development stages. Chris has also contributed to the PICME app, built in-house using our bespoke software Headhunter, which allows children to make a personalised, multi-­platform experience.

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