Borja Espana Guillot

Art Director / Development Creative

Borja has been the Art Director and Development Creative with JAM Media for over 13 years and is responsible for overseeing many aspects of the creative process: from pre-production conceptual ideas to production-ready final designs.

He studied Fine Arts in Valencia, Athens, Australia, and worked on the feature El Cid, before moving to Ireland in 2004. Borja initially began working with JAM Media as an animator on the children’s series PICME before settling into his current senior role. He has also created and developed several projects, and in 2006 he co-created the CBBC commissioned, award-winning series Funky Fables, and acted as both Art Director and Scriptwriter on the series.

In 2009, he supervised the development and design of the CBBC commissioned hit series Baby Jake, which utilised photographic digital painting to create its original look. Borja went on to lead the Art Department team in his role as Art Director on series 01 + 02.

In 2011, Borja worked closely with the award-winning children’s book artist, Polly Dunbar, to adapt her book series, Tilly and Friends, into an animation series commissioned by CBeebies. This revisioning of the traditional hand-drawn books used a modern digital pipeline to produce 52 X 11-minute episodes which have been distributed worldwide by Aardman. Today, Borja continues in his roles as Art Director, Development Creative, and Conceptual Artist with JAM Media.

His Art Director and development credits for JAM Media productions include Snoozeville, Zig and Zag – 26 x 11, and Little Roy – 52 x 14, for CBBC/CBeebies. Other projects developed to date include Curly Hare and Dramarama.

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