Alan Shannon

Director / CCO JAM Media

Alan is currently an Executive Producer and Series Director on the Preschool TV series, Little Roy – 52 X 14 minutes for CBBC/CBeebies and Series Producer for Becca’s Bunch – 52 X 11 minutes for Nickelodeon US & UK.

Alan has recently directed The Roy Files – 15 X 14 minutes and the BAFTA® award winning series Roy series 01-04 for CBBC. His previous directorial credits include, Baby Jake 02 – 26 X 11 minute preschool animation series and Tilly and Friends – 26 X 11 minute preschool animation series for CBeebies, along with various other series such as Funky Fables – 26 x 11 minute, and the award winning preschool animated series PICME – 104 x 5 minute for RTE/Nickelodeon.

Prior to co-founding JAM Media, Alan worked with a variety of International animation houses, including The Walt Disney Corporation. Alan has also animated on the Academy Award Nominated film Give Up Yer Auld Sins and directed/animated numerous TV adverts and short films including The Last Elk and the multi award winning short Badly Drawn Roy.

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