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In 2016, Animation Dingle took the most brilliant and inspired animation shorts from Irish students and professionals to the 31st Santa Barbara International Film Festival and the Toronto Irish Film Festival, receiving an overwhelmingly positive response from movie-lovers overseas.

This year, Animation Dingle is continuing its international showcase at the 7th Toronto Irish Film Festival (TIRFF), with 18 spectacular animation shorts from the most gifted of Irish animators. These Canadian premieres will be screened at the Irish Animation Showcase on Sunday, March 5th at TIFF Bell Lightbox, and will be curated by Animation Dingle & Toronto Animation Arts Festival International. This showcase is a fantastic celebration of Irish animation, an industry where Irish companies sit proudly at the forefront.

With sold-out screenings from 2010 to 2016, TIRFF has assumed the leading role as a promoter of Irish films to the film-loving Canadian public. Reaching a potential audience of 250,000 Torontonians of Irish descent, this Irish Animation Showcase is the best way to connect with the culture of the old country through the magic of animation.

Too good to keep to ourselves, here are the 18 animation shorts to be showcased


City of Roses

Director/Writer: Andrew Kavanagh
Producer:Jackie Leonard

One Halloween night in the early 1980’s a smoldering suitcase was pulled off a bonfire in west Dublin. Inside were dozens of letters that detailed the story of a young Irish immigrant. Now thirty years after that Halloween and more than 60 years after the events of the letters took place, this film tells the story of Paddy and Rose.



Director: Catherine O’Brien
Producer: Damien Byrne

A naive white wolf searches for food in prehistoric Ireland.


Joining Dots

Director: Fiona Ryan

A little girl named Luna traces constellations which come alive in the night sky. She tries to show her Dad, who struggles to understand her imaginary world.


Clean Ur Plate

Director/Writer: Padraic Byrne
Producer: Ballyfermot College Of Further Education

This film aims to raise awareness of the dangers of an unhealthy diet for children. It aims to show the drastic changes that can happen to children if their diet isn’t carefully monitored and the resulting physical repercussions.


The Banshee’s Comb

Director: Moya McHugh
Writers: Moya McHugh, Gráinne Hegarty, Terence McManus, Killian McDonagh
Producers: Moya McHugh, Gráinne Hegarty, Terence McManus, Killian McDonagh, Martin Connolly

Through a unique blend of 2D, 2.5D and 3D, a mischievous young boy looking for fun amidst the boredom of unpacking gets more than he bargained for when he awakens the family banshee.



Director: Adrienne Dowling
Writer: Jenna Jovi
Producer: Helene Sifre

Fishwitch is the story of what happens when two unlikely characters come together, as Derek begins to unlock the painful secret Tootega has kept hidden for a long, long time…



Director/Writer: Kayleigh Scullion
Producer: Fionn Boland

The story of a young racing dog lost in the city.



Director/Writer/Producer: Fionn Boland

Conn tells the story of a high king’s turbulent reign in ancient Ireland.



Director/Writer: Laura Boland
Producer: Institute of Art, Design and Technology

A woman tries to protect her baby from a monster that pursues them through the woods…


Define Intervention

Director: Sean Cunningham

Father J. Priestly, a priest struggling with his faith comes face to face with God.


All New Twitter

Director/Writer: Hannah Cleary
Producer: BCFE

A short advertisement for the social media platform Twitter aimed towards 1950s audiences.


Tuned Out

Director/Writer/Producer: Peter McNally

Two tribesmen on an isolated island discover a radio that washes up on the shore.



Director/Writer: Tom Caulfield
Producer: Barry O’Donoghue

The squeaky hinge gets the oil. But when the squeak escapes the oil, it’s sure to get you!



Director/Script/Editor: Sean Mullen, Ben Harper, Alex Sherwood
Producer: Daniel Spencer
Music: Mutiny Sounds
Production Company: Giant Animation

A shipwrecked fisherman takes in an abandoned house on a remote island, but soon realises he is not alone.


Second To None

Director/Writer: Vincent Gallagher
Producer: Damian Farrell

Frederick Butterfield has always been runner up to his twin brother Herman. When Herman becomes the world’s oldest man with a mere minute gap between them, Frederick finally sees an opportunity to be first place.


Why the Chicken Was Used in Sacrifice

Director: Siobhan Catinot
Writer: Siobhan Catinot, Alex McLennan

A traditional tale from the Igbo Region of Eastern Nigeria, told using a storyteller passing on moral guidance. When the rain stops and survival becomes a struggle, Lion, as king of the animals, decides a sacrifice must be chosen to appease the rain gods. Everyone attends the meeting except for the chicken, who is too lazy and self centered to go and participate. And with everyone except the chicken declining to be the one chosen for sacrifice, he is chosen instead.


The Last Leaf

Director/Writer: Olya Golubeva

Autumn time. The time when the life of plants and leaves on the trees comes to its inevitable natural end.
Little leaf does not agree to his fate to finish his days in the dirty cold puddle covered with mud. Little leaf dreams to soar in the clouds and fly away with the beautiful birds. Will his dream come true or he is just a last leaf on the tree?



Director: Michael McCrea
Producer: Bobby Strain, Aodhán Mc Nicholl, Sam Hudson, Rebekah Quinn

The story of two lost sisters trying to navigate their way home in a beautiful fantasy setting.

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Details about the event

DateSaturday 25th of March 2017
VenueDingle Skellig Hotel
Duration90 minutes