The Murakami Award

The Murakami Award recognises significant achievement in the field of animation.


Previous Winners


Don Bluth and Gary Goldman

Don Bluth and Gary Goldman met at Walt Disney studios in 1972 and there began a friendship forged by a mutual passion for restoring the heritage of classical animation to today’s animated films. While being remembered with fondness for An American Tail in 1984, the legacy of Bluth and Goldman is much greater than the films they created – the existing animation industry in Ireland can be traced back to the studios recruitment, training and development of local talent. So, it is with much pride that Don Bluth and Gary Goldman were presented with the Murakami Award for 2016.


Tomm Moore

Tomm Moore is Co-Founder and Creative director of Cartoon Saloon. He founded Cartoon Saloon in 1999 with Paul Young while studying animation at Ballyfermot Senior College, Dublin. Over the company’s history, he has worked as Director, Art Director, Storyboarder, Animator and Illustrator on a range of projects from commercials to service work for feature films and TV series, as well as a number of short film projects.

Having completed his first feature film The Secret of Kells (Best Animated Feature Nominee: Academy Awards ®), his second completed feature, The Song of the Sea, was screened across Europe and released in America and garnered Academy Awards and Annie Awards nominations for Best Animated Feature. Tomm was also a member of the once Secret crime fighting group “The living shadows” but failed miserably as a master of stealth, which lead to a lifelong love of comic books and animation.


Richie Baneham

Richard Baneham is an Academy Award and BAFTA winner for Best Visual Effects for his work on Avatar. He has also won awards for his work as an Animation Supervisor on Lord of the Rings; The Two Towers and The Return of the King . Richie hails from a traditional Animation background. He made the transition to CG while working on The Iron Giant one of Richie’s favorites. His other credits include; The Chronicles of Narnia; The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and Cats and Dogs.


Jimmy Murakami

At Animation Dingle, March 2013, Jimmy T. Murakami, (村上輝明), received the inaugural Murakami Award for his lifetime achievement in Animation. Of the event, he said “I have been to hundreds of film festivals, all over the globe, for what seems to be the last hundred years, and in my opinion the Dingle Film Festival is the best among them all”.

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Details about the event

DateSaturday 25th of March 2017
VenueDingle Skellig Hotel

The Murakami Award will be awarded at the Irish Animation Awards, which is accessible to holders of an Animation Ireland ceremony ticket only.

Animation Dingle Festival Passes do not allow entry to the Animation Ireland IAA awards ceremony.