DateFriday 24th of March 2017
VenueDingle Skellig Hotel
Duration60 minutes

Entries are now closed.

Successful applicants will be contacted by email.

5-minute meetings with industry experts. Pitch your portfolio, your idea, or yourself.


Pitch participants in 2017 will include - Disney Channels, Amazon Studios, RTÉJr, CBBC, Boulder Media, JAM Media, Brown Bag Films, Darrall Macqueen, Kavaleer, Cartoon Saloon, Egg Post Production, Lupus Films, Sixteen South, Walker Books, Industrial Brothers, Gorilla Post, Netflix, Dreamworks, 9Story Media, Milkshake, Walt Disney Animation Studios, VJC Media and more!

Speed Pitch was very popular at Animation Dingle 2016 and was oversubscribed.

Get your application in early!



Idea - Allow enough time to not only pitch your idea but to also get feedback and to answer any queries.

Portfolio - Select your finest work, something that will make an impact and have a lasting impression, and best represents your work and interests.

You - Be able to sell yourself within the space of two minutes, leaving enough room for advice, feedback, or questions.

This event is open to festival pass holders only and places are limited. 
This event is open to Students and recent graduates.

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